Success Education – The Secret to Accelerated Internet Marketing For Newbies and Nibblers

Everybody has a favorite “Secret to Success.”

In fact, many people — especially experienced Internet Home Business marketers — have a whole list of Secrets to Success they use like tools in a toolbox to fit any occasion.

For example, a newcomer “newbie” marketer, or a “nibbler” — someone so new to Internet Marketing that they just nibble at bits and pieces of marketing information without acting on it — may ask an experienced online marketer what the true Secret to Success is.

More than happy to accommodate the question, the experienced marketer throws open his or her marketing toolbox and whips out the appropriate tool.

“Hmm,” says the marketer, “I think for THIS prospect, the Secret to Success is…” and they talk about domain hosting, or email marketing, or blogging, or social networking or article marketing, or any one of numerous other methods or resources for effective online promotion and marketing: whatever they think best serves the needs and interests of the particular individual.

My favorite Secret to Success, the first tool that comes out of my Internet Home Business toolbox, is Success Education. For me, Success Education is the starting point. It is all encompassing — like a blanket Secret that covers all others.

What is Success Education?

In brief, it is keenly focused information and training that a person needs to guarantee success in all areas of their life, not just business, or family, or community. Success Education is designed to cover it all.

In contrast, formal education may teach you reading, writing and arithmetic, but Success Education takes you far beyond those basic skills.

Here is a personal example of what Success Education is and how it has made a difference in my life.

I had been a fan of such early sources of Success Education as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, but it wasn’t until I was given the book, Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery, that my “education” began to produce results.

After reading Earl’s book and learning that “We become what we think about,” I started thinking about marketing success… a lot! At that time, I got involved in mail order marketing, publishing, advertising and, of course, writing — all home-based marketing activities.

A series of home business ventures and adventures ensued, leading up to my present focus on Internet Marketing.

Over the years, I have learned from and been inspired by such leaders in Success Education as:

* Earl Nightingale
* Brian Tracy
* Napoleon Hill
* Dale Carnegie
* Anthony Robbins
* Zig Ziglar
* Stephen R. Covey

Leaders in Success Education come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties. Success Education includes themes of personal development and motivation, business, marketing and sales, psychology, health and lifestyle, social and business leadership and family.

A few other leaders that come to mind in Success Education include:

* Brian Biro – Parenting
* Suzie Humphreys — Spirit of Abundance
* Dr. Wayne Pickering — Health and Longevity
* Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel – Leadership

If you want to accelerate your success in Internet Marketing, you need to go beyond the simple basics of marketing and promotion. You need to develop your personal skills, build up your knowledge and expand your abilities to rise above the average, to see beyond what others are capable of seeing. That kind of “vision” is one of the key benefits of Success Education.

I encourage you to research the leaders in Success Education I have mentioned here. Study their material and you will gain a definite advantage in life and in your Internet Home Business.

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