Self Discovery

Self discovery is the first step towards the path of enlightenment. As I traverse this path, I can transcend and see myself beyond one lifetime. As life stands at this moment, I need to really look into my soul and find who I am, why I am the way I am and what is the ultimate purpose of my life on planet earth.

Self discovery: Who I am & Why I am the Way I am?

Normally it is a very difficult question to answer if you have not looked inside the vast universe that exists within you. But once we start the process of looking inside we start discovering our true self. Over the years, I have seen that there has been always a “pattern” in the chain of events that has unfolded in my life. Further every event has ultimately got connected to make a whole. By looking at the chain of events and studying them from the depths of my inner self I have realized that I am moving ahead in the final journey of my life on earth. There is a deep realization of the past, the present and the future.

Self discovery: Traversing a new direction

Coming to observe myself from close quarters from various angles, I have found that I have high energy levels pointed towards a “certain direction” as reflected by my talents. I have been consistently using these talents in this life to pay the karmic debts accumulated over several life times. Talking of the talents, I have found myself highly disposed towards a path of always traversing a new direction in my life. This has continuously manifested in my professional as well as personal life. In my professional life I have always found myself working towards new scientific frontiers for the betterment of Humanity. I have developed an uncanny ability to unearth the hidden and unify them to open a new direction of scientific thought and research. This new direction then manifests in the external environment for the betterment of humanity.

Self discovery: The balance of the feminine and masculine

I have found that I have a very high amount of masculine energy pushing me for action every now and then. All these actions are original, creative and generative in nature and the genesis of all these actions lie in the awakening of the feminine principle from the depths of my soul. I am consciously now aware of the universal truth that I need to balance the masculine and the feminine principles which are so much part of me. Only this will help me to traverse a path of original action based on creative and generative change. I have understood the truth that the will, the grit and the determination for my action comes from the masculine principle and the seed for this action that is creativity and the capacity to generate something new for the good of humanity comes from the feminine principle.

Self discovery: Mars needs the feminine touch

I have understood the fact that the masculine principle without the guidance and the blessing of the feminine becomes arrogant, selfish and a war monger as represented by Mars. This uncontrolled manifestation of the masculine principle is the reason for the overall chaos, mess and selfish streak in humanity that we are witnessing in today’s world. On the other hand the divine feminine touch makes Mars intelligent, thoughtful, caring, creative and generative in nature. Then the war waged by Mars becomes purposeful in nature and then the destruction is followed by generative and creative action. This is the spiritual warfare for a new order and a new beginning.

Self discovery: Extraordinary affinity towards “womanhood”

The awareness and the evolution of my whole being based on the creative and generative energy of the feminine principle have led to an extraordinary affinity towards “Womanhood” and the feminine principle. My life is profoundly influenced by the feminine and I have understood that I cannot exist as an awakened being without this feminine energy manifestation. All my actions based on the masculine principle are guided and blessed by the creative, generative and constructive energy of the feminine. It’s my soul’s cry to always traverse a path of original action with the worship of “Womanhood” & the feminine in all the planes of existence. I have also understood that the art, the science, the dance, the music, the fashion, the nature, the bliss of sex and anything which involves creativity and generation are the manifestations of the feminine principle and they are vital for a balanced, healthy and purposeful life which transcends the self.

Self discovery: Debt from the past life

Looking things in real depth, I have understood that I have a debt to repay from my past life. Though whatever positive deeds I must have done in my past life, I still had to take birth in this world again with specific Karmic debts. The Karmic debts that has to be repaid in this life includes overcoming fear, overcoming self interest, overcoming the misuse of personal freedom and overcoming the callous approach I might had towards Womanhood in my past life.

Self discovery: Answers based on the various patterns in my life

So the above self-analysis throws answers as to why I am the way I am? The answers have become clearer as I have analyzed the pattern in the “chain of events” from my past based on which I could understand the ultimate purpose of my life. This has led to development of a vision and construction of series of action steps to bridge the gap between the current reality and the vision. As I am able to get answers for the purpose of my existence I am becoming more and more fearless in traversing my life path. I am slowly becoming aware of the negative masculine energies in me represented by fear, anger, lust, jealousy, unabashed individualism and emotions & attachment based on self interest.

Self discovery: Transcending self focus

Further I am trying to transcend the “negative masculine” by dedicating everything I do to Goddess Kali. I am overcoming the misuse of freedom from my past life by embracing constructive freedom in my life based on creative and generative action whereby whatever I do is dedicated for the good of humanity. I have understood that constructive freedom is always creative and generative in nature and not regressive. I have also understood very clearly that I have to dedicate this life totally towards the worship of “womanhood” and the feminine represented by Goddess Kali.

Self discovery: Worship of womanhood

Worship of womanhood and the feminine in every plane that is physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and the spiritual with a purpose of establishing a balance between the feminine and the masculine at every level that is the conscious, subconscious and super conscious levels of my internal universe and the external universe is the way I have to repay my debt and move towards my ultimate purpose of life that is enlightenment and salvation.

Self discovery: What is the ultimate purpose of my life on planet earth?

From the above self-study, it is clear that my life is moving towards a path which is taking me towards achieving enlightenment and salvation and subsequent total merger with Goddess Kali by the end of this lifetime.

Self discovery: Marriage to Goddess Kali and her purpose

I have to continuously move towards a new direction in my professional life showing newer path to humanity with path-breaking Scientific & Management insights. To achieve this I need to move fearlessly in pursuit of generative change and dedicate all my work to Goddess Kali. I have to follow the path of Karma and yet dedicate all the fruits of the Karma to Goddess Kali. I am trained in the “fields” of life sciences and management and I have to utilize these talents towards “Generative Biomedical Drug Discovery” for the betterment and healing of the humanity. My professional life will be dedicated to achieving these goals fairly, honestly and through the path of truth.

So it’s a clear path that I have in front of me to achieve the purpose of Goddess Kali and achieve salvation and enlightenment. I need to take up action with the help of masculine principle for path breaking discovery in medical sciences and this has to be achieved with the creative and generative forces of womanhood and the feminine principle.

On the other hand my life is also dedicated in the service of womanhood in all planes. I have to work towards the service of womanhood in every aspect of my life so as to bring a balance between the feminine and the masculine principles of nature. Further I need to transmit the same “understanding and practice” to many others who are willingly ready to follow this path of ultimate truth of the Mother Nature and the universe.

Self discovery: Movement from the inner universe to the outer universe

Action based on self discovery should start from within, then move towards the immediate surroundings, then expand to the society, country and the world. So my goal will be to start positively to work on my inner self and then to work with the womenfolk in my immediate life that is my mother, my sister, my relatives, my friends, my future wife and my kids when they arrive. I shall see that I will be of positive help to all of them to achieve their best in their life without being intrusive in their day to day living. I shall see that I motivate my future wife in all positive ways to achieve her best in her life. Further we shall work together to achieve our common goal of enlightenment and salvation. I know she is going to be a talented and highly learned women and she will be an active partner in achieving our common goals and purpose of life. I shall extend help towards her in every way possible and seek her active assistance in my affairs as needed. I shall stand by her “in the thick & thin of life’s journey” as we have to achieve our ultimate purpose in this life together. This will be a life where both of us will together discharge all our duties and responsibilities towards our family and also work towards achieving our ultimate purpose of life.

Self discovery: Project-9

As I work on my inner self and my immediate surroundings, I shall continue to expand into the wider external universe. The work towards this will be initiated by working in the society for equal participation of “women in all aspects of life”. Project-9 will be revolutionary and path-breaking enterprise which shall help function as a symbol of women’s power in cutting edge medical research.

This organization shall be an inspiration for the coming generations of womenfolk to traverse the path of a new thinking whereby they actively participate in reshaping the society and the world to reestablish the balance between the feminine and masculine principles of nature.

This organization will be actively attached with the cause of girl child education with a vision of raising a generation of new individuals capable of living a life in perfect sync with nature.

Self discovery: Life dedicated for womanhood and humanity

More than this I shall also get into personal counseling to motivate humanity to live a fuller life by channelizing and balancing the feminine & masculine principles which lie hidden in our inner self. I shall communicate to society in this regard sharing all experiences that I gain from my personal search of this universal truth. I shall build upon this as a “way of life” as my life progresses forward. I shall see that I ignite the fighting spirit in women by sharing my practical experiences. I shall see that I will campaign for equal opportunity concept in the current structures of the society whether it is the social, economical, governmental or religious structures of the society. I shall fight tooth and nail against manipulations & harassments against womanhood.

This is self discovery for me. I will see that I practice what I have written above with the active awareness of my conscious, subconscious and super conscious mind. Let me “walk the talk” and show “Womanhood” & “humanity” a new direction, a new path as desired by the will of Goddess Kali.

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